Pursuant to the United States and Florida Constitutions, if the government decides to take your land, they are required to pay you just compensation for it.  Governmental bodies tend to use eminent domain as a method to take property from private individuals to build roadways, railroads, buildings, or other public uses.  A majority of the cases dealing with eminent domain arise because the government refuses to pay the property owner the actual value for the land they are taking.  The difference in value can sometimes be substantial and therefore it is extremely important that you seek advice when confronted with an eminent domain action.

In contrast, inverse condemnation generally occurs when the government, through either its actions or inactions, inadvertently takes your property or renders it valueless.  This can occur through regulations, ordinances, or even for doing nothing, when it had a duty to do something.  This area of law is highly complex and requires a trained mind to know and follow the nuances of the law.  The attorneys at Geraghty, Dougherty, Edwards & Stockman are well equipped to handle even your most difficult eminent domain or inverse condemnation case.  Please contact us if you are faced with a governmental body taking or greatly effecting your property rights.