If a loved one or a close personal friend of yours has passed away, then more than likely you have had some involvement in a probate matter, whether there is a will or not. Probate generally involves the handling of assets and liabilities of an individual who has passed away, allocating the payment of taxes or other incidental expenses as well as distributing the remainder of the estate pursuant to a will or statute. This can be a difficult time for all parties involved and is made substantially more so when there is evidence of wrongdoing. The most common litigation in this area are individuals contesting a will. These matters can involve:

  • Beneficiaries not receiving a proper inventory of the assets

  • Undue influence over the deceased upon execution of the will

  • Undisclosed creditors claiming interests

  • Personal Representative disputes between loved ones

  • Breach of fiduciary duties

  • Mishandling of estate assets

If you do find yourself involved in a legal dispute arising out of a probate issue, please rest assured that your matter will be handled professionally and with the respect that it deserves at Geraghty, Dougherty & Stockman. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.